Servo tester modification:

When using a motor and a speed controller we need some way to regulate the amount of throttle used. We are not planning to control the motor wirelessly so we are going to use a servo tester connected to some kinde of throttle. In my case a "Thumb throttle". If your ESC does not have UBEC you must connect a power source (eg. an SBEC unit).

1. Disassemble the servo tester.
2. Desolder the potentiometer (see fig. 2).
3. Solder a jump wire across the 2 terminals of the servo tester (see fig. 3).

If you choose to fit a 3 pin JR plug to the throttle wire, then you MUST ensure that the modified servo tester is secured with electrical tape or similar so that it cannot accidently loose connection. This could result with the motor being activated continuously, hence the reason for a Power/Kill Switch.

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